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In response to the recent trends of good laboratory practice, Hranserviceengineering has a modern laboratory, equipped with high-performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), enabling the performing of most accurate tests for determining the quantitative content of water- and fat-soluble vitamins in compound feeds and raw materials, as well as in the liquid products.

For its part, the samples preparations are carried out by considering of maximum preservation of the assayed components. If needed also precise method for determining of protein content, the analysis made by apparatus "Keltek 2200" of " FOSS" meets all the requirements of high accuracy. For this contributes also the subsequent measuring by digital burette. At one time could be analized 8 samples. Thanks to the new equipment, significantly is increased the capacity of the laboratory, which enables further study of different types of biologically active substances.

The laboratory performs also additional tests such as: dry weight (moisture), crude fat, crude ash, sieve analysis of milling size (1.5 mm), acidity by Neumann, chlorides by Mora.





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