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Vitamin - trace element premixes

They are produced in a different versions depending on the inclusion rate which may be 0.5%,0.25% and 0.2%. Depending on the specific desires of our customers the premixes can include various additives - amino acids, colors of egg yolk, etc.

The advantages of Hranserviceengineering's premixes:

• Perfectly satisfy the need for vitamins and minerals of recent breeds and hybrids, in accordance with the latest scientific advances about nutrition.

• Provides the optimum levels of vitamins and minerals to achieve the highest performance.

• Contains the best sources of vitamins and minerals, with excellent bioavailability .

• Guarantee:

excellent health

» intensive growth

» excellent feed conversion

» a high standard

» product quality


Bio concentrate NEW

They are an excellent opportunity for making high-grade compound feed by mixing with cereals fodder according to described method.

The bio concentrates of HRANSERVCEENGINEERING are:

• balanced combination of nutrients in certain quantitative relations providing excellent results, when mixed with grain components.

• composed of the highest quality raw materials permitted for feed manufacturing.

• ensuring efficient and cost-effective feeding of animals.


Mineral supplements

This is a balanced combination of macro-and micronutrients designed to be added to animal feed in order to improve mineral nutrition.



Additive balancing the animal nutrition, an indispensable component of feed.


Energy mix

Provides high performance, good animal health and high efficiency.

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